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CSL Lumber and Distribution
7459 W. Franklin Street
Forest Park, Illinois 60130
Phone (800) 341-6485

For more information on
redwood projects and technical data,
visit the California Redwood Association's website at

Chicago Suburban Lumber Products  

CSL Email Directory

General Inquiries - Sales@ChicagoSuburbanLumber.com

Tim Romano – President – TimR@ChicagoSuburbanLumber.com
Joe Romano Jr. – Vice President – Joe@ChicagoSuburbanLumber.com
Mark Romano – Director of Sales and Marketing – MarkR@ChicagoSuburbanLumber.com
Dave Romano – Sales Manager– Dave@ChicagoSuburbanLumber.com

For information regarding Shipping and Receiving contact
Carlos Hernandez – Yard Manager– Carlos@ChicagoSuburbanLumber.com




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